Choosing an asphalt contractor can be a daunting task. After all, your parking lot or roadway is a major investment in your property. Whether you are a manager or a property owner when you are planning your next asphalt project for your commercial space you should take the following steps to make sure your project goes smoothly and stands up to the test of time long after completion.

At Eaton Asphalt we believe that our projects speak for themselves. With over 100 years serving Northern Kentucky we have paved many of the roads and parking lots that your drive on each day. From heavy highway projects on I-75 to big box store parking lots such as Sam’s Club and Costco all the way down to smaller lots such as Starbucks and strip malls.  As part of Northern Kentucky’s economic development business executives, developers, and government officials have relied on Eaton Asphalt to handle their asphalt paving.

Before you start your search, educate yourself with our Property Manager Checklist for Your Next Asphalt Project.

Contact several companies and share plans for the project. If you are paving in Northern Kentucky, be sure to contact Eaton Asphalt today.

When choosing an asphalt contractor be sure to ask the following questions:

1. Experience

First and foremost, when choosing an asphalt contractor ask if a contractor has experience in commercial construction. While there are many asphalt contractors that may specialize in residential paving a commercial project can be a daunting task for a small contracting operation to complete on time and to your satisfaction.

At Eaton Asphalt, we do not perform residential paving. We focus completely on Commercial and Municipal Paving projects. Eaton Asphalt’s equipment and fleet is purchased with commercial and municipal construction in mind.  Featuring three asphalt plants and a large inventory of equipment, Eaton Asphalt has grown with Northern Kentucky and suited to meet the needs of our customers.

2. References

Asphalt Parking Lot Milling Blacktop Contractor

If you have not heard of a contractor, request references of past clients or projects they have performed. For any project that is a significant size you should find a contractor that has the experience paired with positive references that are similar to your project. A professional contractor should be easy to reach and will be happy provide a list of local projects they have completed. If possible, visit a site where the contractor has paved to see how it is holding up.

Eaton Asphalt will gladly furnish references of completed projects.  Your project can be tailored to similar specs from existing projects whether it be in the base, mix, or even finishing touches with particular striping and signage. Be sure to visit our commercial gallery to see some of our recent commercial work.

3. Project Requirements

When choosing an asphalt contractor openly share goals and needs for your asphalt project. A professional contractor will have no problem meeting on site to measure and field your questions. The goal of this is to formulate a plan that will yield professional results through efficient paving practices. Different asphalt systems require different asphalt mixes and depths. The mix on a highway can vary greatly from the mix that would be used in a Kroger parking lot or at an Amazon warehouse. Whatever traffic, a professional asphalt contractor will understand what is needed to endure your traffic needs for years to come.

Choosing your asphalt contractor

Not all asphalt is created the equal. Be wary if a contractor tries to suddenly sell you on a cheaper mix. This cheaper mix could very well cost you dearly in future repairs and early replacement.

As Northern Kentucky’s choice for asphalt paving, Eaton Asphalt understands the importance of using high quality materials. Eaton Asphalt understands that there are no shortcuts. That is why at the end of the day your project and satisfaction are our only concerns. Eaton Asphalt has proven itself over countless miles of state, federal, and private asphalt roadways and parking lots that have been paved over the last 100 years in Northern Kentucky.

4. Project Completion

There is only one thing more frustrating than when a contractor begins work later than promised; a contractor that cannot be reached for days or weeks at a time. Asphalt paving is weather dependent but your asphalt contractor should be open with any delays. Throughout the process you deserve the peace of mind that your contractor is actively managing your project. Have a deadline and schedule before signing a contract (as well as receiving the contractor’s proof of insurance and proper licensing). On larger projects it is important to also vet any subcontractors as well. A professional contractor should provide a list of all subcontractors and what services they are performing.

5. Asphalt Repairs


Parking Lot asphalt contractor

On any construction project it is inevitable that things can fail, this is why any reputable paving company will stand by their product and your project with a warranty of some kind. Be sure to request warranty details in writing should you have any issues once the job is complete.

Eaton Asphalt stands behind our work and include a warranty with any paving project.



Above all, when choosing an asphalt contractor you want to be sure you are working with professionals who can deliver a high quality asphalt paving system. Eaton Asphalt is that contractor.  With over 100 years of experience, Eaton Asphalt is the choice of executives, developers, and local governments for high quality asphalt systems.  Contact us today to learn why Northern Kentucky rides on Eaton Asphalt.

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