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History of Northern Kentucky’s Oldest Asphalt Contractor

Eaton Asphalt runs deep in Northern Kentucky’s history. Today, asphalt paving has become the standard in paving with over 94% of all paved roads and streets in America being asphalt. Eaton Asphalt has been here since the beginning, from oiling the dusty streets of Northern Kentucky and growing with the industry to become one of the areas leading contractors, constructing commercial parking lots and heavy highway projects today.

1916 – Eaton Oil Works is Founded

In 1916 George Eaton began oiling the dusty streets and roadways of Northern Kentucky as Eaton Oil Works.

1949 – Eaton Asphalt Paving Co.

When George Eaton passed away in 1949, Eaton Oil Works was turned over to George B. Edison who was a prominent bituminous (asphalt) materials businessman. Edison changed the name to Eaton Asphalt Paving Co. and helped mold the business into what it is today; a preferred asphalt contractor for heavy highway and commercial construction projects in the Northern Kentucky area.

1956 – Congress Passes The Interstate Highway Act

When Dwight Eisenhower signed the Interstate Highway Act in 1956, 26 billion dollars were awarded to states to improve their roadways. The largest public works project to date, this new bill encouraged the adoption of many new and revolutionary asphalt paving techniques and equipment, including electronic leveling controls, extra-wide finishers for paving two lanes at once and vibratory steel-wheel rollers.

         The money for the Interstate Highway and was handled in a Highway Trust Fund that paid for 90 percent of highway                               construction costs with the states required to pay the remaining 10 percent. It was expected that the money would be                             generated   through new taxes on fuel, automobiles, trucks, and tires. As a matter of practice, the federal portion of the cost of             the Interstate Highway System has been paid for by taxes on gasoline and diesel fuel.

1964 – Eaton Asphalt Paving Co. Purchase by R.C. Durr Company

Eaton Asphalt was acquired in 1964 by R.C. Durr. A successful businessman from humble beginnings, Durr had already grown an operation from three trucks hauling limestone and blacktopping driveways to being the successful bidder to build the original Frogtown Road in Boone County. Shortly after his success on this project (his first highway project), Durr established the R.C. Durr Company which focused on grading and draining roads, mining coal, and building railroads. Durr built over 300 miles of road, including large portions of I-75.

This purchase established Eaton Asphalt Paving Co. as Northern Kentucky’s largest paving company.

1970’s – The Energy Crisis & Recycled Asphalt

As result of significant petroleum shortages in industrialized nations, the Energy Crisis gripped the United States in the 1970’s. As result, American’s were forced to rethink the importance of conserving and recycling natural resources. Consequently, today there are more than 80 million metric tons of asphalt recycled each year; asphalt pavement is America’s most recycled product.

1977 – Eaton Asphalt Paving Co. Purchase by the Jurgensen Family

The purchase of Eaton Asphalt Paving Co. in 1977 by the Jurgensen family helped develop Eaton Asphalt into what we are today; a preferred contractor for commercial and municipal asphalt paving projects in the Northern Kentucky area. With the tools and resources to excel in jobs ranging from small commercial jobs and municipalities to large projects for the Kentucky Department of Transportation and Federal agencies.

2005 – Over 2.5 Million Miles of Asphalt Roads

In the history of American roadways there is little doubt that asphalt paving has transformed our landscape. Asphalt has provided sustainable, durable, and high performing pavements that have allowed safe travel for American motorists and commercial transportation. In 2005 it became clear how important asphalt had become; the Federal Highway Administration reported that over 2.5 million miles of American roadways were paved in some variety of asphalt.

Today – Over 100 Years on Northern Kentucky Roads

With a history spanning over 100 years, Eaton Asphalt has grown with Northern Kentucky, providing sustainable and cost effective asphalt paving solutions throughout the region. With projects ranging from big box store parking lots, warehouse parking lots, Cincinnati Airport’s (CVG) Fast Park, Florence Mall, and many county roadway and heavy highway projects the chances are that whenever you are travelling in Northern Kentucky you are traveling on Eaton Asphalt.


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