I Build America

What Is the I Build America Program?

I Build America ProgramEaton Asphalt is proud to support the I Build America program. This movement is dedicated to showing the importance of construction to our modern life and encourage people in construction industries to take pride in the value they bring. In addition, I Build America helps the public recognize that value and show young people what a purposeful and rewarding career in construction can be.

Construction work can be dangerous and there is a certain sense of camaraderie among people working in such a challenging industry- often under tough conditions in the field.  Aside from the long hours, it can range from bitter cold to extreme heat and bring challenges with ice and mud. For those doing the physical work there should be a sense of pride that they are working hard to create a home for someone to live and raise a family, a water line to bring water to that home, or an asphalt roadway to transport goods and allow motorists to travel freely around the country.

To learn more about the I Build America program click here.

Eaton Asphalt Paves Northern Kentucky

The asphalt construction industry is integral to the American way. Without asphalt our highways and county roads would be incredibly expensive, difficult to repair (with long lane closures for weeks at a time), and not nearly as smooth or sustainable. Eaton is proud to provide a service that makes a difference in the economy and local communities in Northern Kentucky. Asphalt provides roads that are safe and comfortable to travel on and makes it easy to transport goods through our region.

We support this cause as we know what it is like on the front lines in the construction industry. It can be dangerous, challenging work and our workers at Eaton Asphalt embody what the I Build America program represents.

Careers in Construction

Take a look at the video below from I Build America, featuring one of our Project Managers, Tony Stercula sharing the benefits of a career in construction (at 1:47). If you are interested in a career in construction take a look at our career opportunities today.