If you are a property owner or manager that is considering having a parking lot paved or expanded, consider these tips to make sure your project goes as smoothly as possible.  While most of these tips are centered around communication, it cannot be stressed enough to thoroughly vet your asphalt contractor to ensure they have the proper experience and equipment for the job.  Once you read through these suggestions please browse through our FAQ’s to learn more about some of the common questions we receive about asphalt projects.

Prior to Letting a Contract

Sam's Club Parking Lot Milled Florence, Kentucky

Sam’s Club Parking Lot work site in Florence, Kentucky

Know Your Parking Lot

If you manage multiple properties this is especially important. Before any project begins you need to have a list of items that need attention. Note things such as areas that may hold water or patches where the asphalt is missing. These repairs should be included in the estimate and need to be corrected to ensure a lot that will perform for years to come.

Be sure to review the contract prior to any work and make sure that all of your concerned areas are addressed clearly.

Establish a Timeline

Be clear with when you expect work to start and when it must be completed. Contractors should be open when communicating when phases of your project will be carried out so that you can coordinate when work will be performed with your operating hours.

During the Job

Asphalt Milling in Northern Kentucky

Asphalt Milling Machine and Backhoe to mill and remove old asphalt surface to prepare for resurfacing.

Base Repairs

Base repairs are structural improvements that require the removal and replacement of the base and asphalt surface. This repair is typical for areas where the asphalt has failed resulting in potholes or dips. When a base repair is performed you should be left with a  clean, flat surface with straight edges.


Many lots may need to have the top layer of asphalt removed.  This process is known as milling and removes the surface layer of asphalt while leaving the base undisturbed. Asphalt Milling is a common practice that allows new asphalt to be laid down without increasing the height of the pavement system.  This step can also save significant time if the base does not need to be fixed and does not disturb the curbs, drainage systems, and other existing structures.

Punch List

Most contractors will work through a “punch list” of things they check before leaving the site. These are the final touches of the project to ensure the work is up to their satisfaction.

Parking Lot Drainage

Standing water is one of the main degrading factors of an asphalt parking lot. When resurfacing there should be no waterholes in the new surface. If drainage improvements were part of the job take a look at those areas. One easy way to confirm drainage improvements is to bring a bucket of water to be sure there is no standing water remaining and it drains as designed.

Project Cleanup

Once your parking lot project has been repaired and resurfaced your lot should look like new! Any garbage or extra material should be cleaned up by the contractor and any spills of tack material should be cleaned from any buildings, walkway or curb.


These are simple steps that you should take to make sure your next asphalt project goes according to plan. Understand the scope of work and never be afraid to ask questions of your contractor.

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